Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Everyone should have a “Catrina”

When we left Colorado Springs we did not have the paperwork necessary to get license plates for our new truck or our Redwood 5th wheel.  It was something that we were unsure how to handle long distance—but we knew if it was possible, Catrina could get it taken care of.  Worst case scenario, we would make a trip back to Colorado Springs to get the license plates in person—but heading back to Colorado in January is a little concerning.   Snow and ice are not our friends.

Paperwork in hand, Catrina headed to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Colorado Springs. She was helped by a very helpful and knowledgeable employee who went out of her way to make this happen.  Only the truck paperwork had been sent to Catrina and so she expected to make an additional trip to deal with the Redwood tags.   Because the paperwork had not been received yet, this amazingly helpful woman went into the DMV database to see if the paperwork was in their system. No luck… but she did not give up.  This DMV angel went another huge step ...  She called the dealership that we purchased the 5th wheel and got them to fax the paperwork directly to her!  Catrina was able to leave the DMV with license plates for both our truck and our 5thwheel.    So the stereotype of government employees can be very wrong!   We also feel very blessed to have such a great daughter willing to give her time to help us.  Thanks, Catrina!!!

Part of this new life is learning how to handle life from long distance.  What we are realizing… it can be done, but it is MUCH easier because we have our precious Catrina.

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