Saturday, January 18, 2014

RV History--Now that is Roughing it!

We are enjoying Amarillo today.  The weather has been warm—but we can’t seem
to get away from this crazy wind.

We went to an RV museum today.   One of the crazy RVs that we saw at the museum was the Bus conversion RV that was used in the "RV" movie.  It was a hoot to be in a piece of "rolling" Hollywood history.

I guess we all have to start somewhere... but the idea of camping in some of these early campers is more than a little scary to me.

It was really fun to see how RV’s have changed over the years.    In older RV’s, having a mattress was standard; anything else was luxury.  Then they put in toilets and sinks—OK, now they’re moving up!  Several of the campers that we looked at were not as big as one of our slide outs.

We felt a little closed in with our Montana and it was 340 square feet.  We were thrilled to go up to over 410 square feet with our Redwood.

I am so grateful for the pioneers that started the RV industry.   I will grant you I am a “little” high maintenance.   I have a hard time imagining going without our satellite or full water & electricity. And don’t even talk to me about going without the shower or bathroom.   I will admit it is a treat to have the fireplace and dishwasher.  Someday someone will be grateful to us for “roughing it”.  They will look back on our 5th wheel as an antique and be shocked that we were able to live in something so ancient.

Glad to be part of history.  :)

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