Campground Reviews

When reading RV Park reviews, keep in mind that everyone has a different idea about what makes a “perfect” campsite.  Some people want wide open spaces with no one else in sight, others’ want a pool, lots of activities and neighbors to visit.   We look at their comments and see if those will apply to us.  If someone comments on kids activities or sparkling bathrooms, I give it no consideration.  If someone says there are a lot of trees or there is no cell coverage… I would probably not consider this campground.

We prefer not to drive miles down poorly maintained, gravel roads.  We generally will stay campgrounds, because of our memberships.  We enjoy taking advantage of the amenities, we like connecting with people in a campground and we need to have electricity  24/7 because of medical issues and our residential refrigerator.   

We like to be able to have a site that will hold our RAM Dually truck, 5th wheel and our Jeep.  We like to have a place to sit outside under our awning.  We want to be able to have a Verizon cell phone signal (for phone and data) and we like to be able to get a DirecTV satellite signal.

Our reviews are based on these criteria.  So make sure when you look at Reviews, you put them in relation to YOUR own desires and landscape you prefer. is a large site that has RV Park resort and campground reviews.  It is one of the oldest sites for reviews.  Although there are some new-comers to the RV Park review definitely has the largest database of reviews.  Most of my reviews are currently posted on RVParkReviews.
:  RVParking is a good site to RV Park reviews.  They also have a nice mobile App.  They are more limited in the campgrounds they have outlined; but this is not a resource to be overlooked.  This site has campsite reviews for private campgrounds, National Parks & Forests and State Parks.  Although the site is relatively new, there are new reviews being added every day.  I think this site could become a great site for RV Park Reviews.  In addition to the actual review, they offer some options to rate for each campground--cell phone strength, site quality and more.

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