Departure Checklist

Departure Checklist (We’re Movin’ On)

These are Checklists that we have used for years.
We have made edits to match our life and our RV—so they may not perfectly match your situation.  These lists have proven to be complete for us--but may not be complete for you.

These lists can be used in multiple different formats:
·      Print the page
·      Download the attached Checklist and reprint for yourself
·      Take the information and transfer it to a variety of Apps that available.  I have tried all of these.  It is important to me that the list is easy to use.  I need to be able to easily edit the list Categories and the individual list items.  The list also needs to have the ability to Uncheck All of the items after we use, so it is ready for the next time I need it. 

We currently have a Redwood 5th Wheel.  This list was developed based on our RV, but you can edit the list to work for you and your RV.   

I know most people do not use a Checklist when they break down their campsite.  My memory is just not that consistent.   It never fails, we get ready to break camp and people come out of the woodwork.  When your neighbors come out to visit, how do you remember for sure that you have lowered your satellite dish?

Before I started using a checklist, one time we remembered our TV antenna was raised—just as we started 65 mph on the interstate.  One time other campers were frantically waiving their hands, while pointing up to our satellite dish… that was still raised high.  One time we arrived  to a freshly baked cake and condiments all over the floor because we forgot to secure the refrigerator. 

I started developing and expanding our Departure List and we very faithfully use the list EVERY time we move—even if we are only going a short distance.

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