Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gettysburg... we are finally here!

We were all excited to be headed to Gettysburg today.  We had moved quickly through New England.  We were rarely in a campground for a full week.  The New England area was very expensive to visit—so we kept moving.  We also know we need to be moving south to avoid cold weather.

We are staying at the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort.  We have our set up process to a fine art by now.  We are able to get completely set up in less than 30 minutes. But today was different.  We plugged in and we had no power.  George set out trouble shooting the problem.  A couple hours later he determined that the transfer switch wiring “has issues”.  He was able to set up a temporary fix and plans to do a by-pass which should fix the problem in the future. 

By the time he was done figuring out the electrical issues, I was completely set up and had done some cleaning inside.  We were both tired and ready for some down time.  It was a longer travel day than we generally have.  We left New York about 6:30am and 7 hours later we pulled into our campsite. 

This trip had several very stressful periods that made it more tiring than normal.  We had multiple detours along the route.  We very carefully review the route every time we move; but there is no way to look at all the potential detours and anticipate any problems. 

The first detour was because of a vehicle accident that had completely closed down the road. There was a road worker set up to direct us to a side road.  The side road was a narrow road through a residential neighborhood—not our idea of a good time.

We get to Port Jervis, NY and there is another detour.  This one was more challenging because we were forced to “guess” the best option to take.  We ended up in the middle of the OLD downtown—again not a good time.  We turned to go down a street to get back on track.  In front of us is an underpass with 12’8” clearance painted on it.  There was no place to turn around.  About the time I am getting ready to go into full blown panic, I see a small white sign that says: “Actual bridge height 13’7”.  Are you kidding me???  Which is it?  There is a semi-truck coming up behind us. So we decide to cautiously move through; only to see another 12’8” underpass in front of us.  We are successfully able to go under that one also.  Later we find out that the 13’7” height is during the summer months and during the winter they will keep the road cleared of ice and snow to allow for 12’8”.  Yeah, because that’s not confusing…

What did we learn from this?  We can never do too much research before moving our home down the road.  We need to move forward getting a trucker GPS… sooner rather than later.
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