Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Phoenix, AZ: RV Rally

When we left Colorado in January we planned the direction we would travel based on the Phoenix Good Sam’s RV Rally.  We have been excited about this rally for several reasons.  Tom and Sandy Burke, our good friends from Colorado Springs and friends Dana and Marty drove their 5thWheel to the Rally.  We are so excited to see friends from home.  It is even more exciting because Tom and Sandy will be selling their home and plan to join us on the road and begin their full-time journey this summer.

We stayed in Salome, Arizona last night; so we did not have far to travel this morning.  We went to a Good Sam’s Rally in Albuquerque years ago.  We want to get set up in our spot as early in the morning as possible.  It is such entertainment to see hundreds of RVers coming into the same area. 
 When we went to the rally in Albuquerque we had our Terry 5th wheel which was only 35ft long.  We were parked so close together at that Rally we were not able to get to the truck once it was parked in—they packed campers in like it was a Tetris game.  This year we have our Redwood which is almost 42ft long.  We were very concerned there would not be enough space for us to fit.   But, this year there was more space and the RVs had a little more space between—once we were set up, we were able to sit outside in lawn chairs and watch people.  

Every type of camper pulled in from the small to the largest.  

Next to us there was a New Horizon 5th Wheel with a matching Semi-truck (HDT) and a matching gold Smart Car.  It was a beautiful rig.  Online people complain about RV and truck issues... you know... the grass is always greener, blah, blah, blah.  The people in this very expensive set up could not leave because they were having truck issues AND RV landing gear issues.  Moral of the story... if it has wheels, it will break down.

We watched as the parking lot filled with RVs full of people that somehow almost feel like extended family.
Tom and Sandy arrived in the early afternoon and we had a nice time reconnecting and visiting.  After enjoying dinner together, we had an early night because we know it is going to be a full week.

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