Redwood RV Related

We own a Redwood 5th Wheel so we are always interested in getting information about the Redwoods.  We are interested in what is news about the company and information/recalls about Redwoods.  We also love the connection that the Redwood forums allow us to build friendships with other Redwood Owners. 

If you don’t have a Redwood RV, find the forum for your particular brand and follow it.  You will get very valuable information. is the Crossroads/Redwood manufacturer website.  This is the site to find the information about the newest Redwood RVs.  The "parent" company is Thor.  Keystone purchased Redwood.  Redwood still sells under it's own manufacturer name, however, Customer Service now routes through Keystone.  Redwood RV Owners is one of the forums that focuses on Redwood Owners.  There is a Forum for getting answers to questions, connecting with Redwood RV Owners.  There is also a membership that is available which will bring some special discounts--including discount to the Annual Redwood Owners Rally.  This website has no advertising. is an additional Redwood Owners forum.  Many of the threads on this forum could work for most RVs, regardless of the brand.  However, this forum was created to be of interest specifically for Redwood RV 5th Wheel Owners.  This site is a Privately managed website and so there are quite a few advertisements.  There is a lot of great information and very good opportunity to meet other Redwood RV Owners.

Redwood Owners Facebook Page  is a Facebook page that is administer by Redwood Owners.  It is a site that monitors for appropriate comments.  If comments become hateful or inappropriate, the comments are removed and often to person that has posted the comment is banned from this Facebook page.  

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