Connect with Fellow RVers

We were in our house for about 30 years.  After we sold our house and started traveling in our RV, we have not reconnected with any of our neighbors.  However, after being on the road for several years; we have reconnected, re-camped and enjoyed many friends we meet on the road.  We love anything that allows us to make connections.  

RV related forums are a great way to “meet” and connect with other RVers.   
Because we have a Redwood 5th wheel, we are active on the 2 forums that are specific to the Redwood brand of RV.  Many other RV brands have similar forums. is an online social network for RVers.  You are able to register where you are camping.  It is nice to be able to connect with RVers camping in the same campground or same area.  There are also groups on this website that allow you to connect with RVers with similar interests.  We have connected with Christian Campers, Full-Timers and several more.  Redwood RV Owners is one of the forums that focuses on Redwood Owners.  This is website that includes a Forum for getting answers to questions and connecting with other Redwood RV Owners.   There is also a membership that is available which will bring some special discounts, including discount to the Annual Redwood Owners Group Rally.  This website has no advertising--rare these days! is an additional Redwood Owners forum.  Many of the threads on this forum could work for most RVs, regardless of the brand. However, this particular forum was created to be of interest primarily to Redwood RV Owners.  This website is commercially owned & managed privately--so there are quite a few advertisements.  There is a lot of great information and very good opportunities to meet other Redwood RV Owners online.

Escapees is an organization that most RVers and Campers are familiar with.  They are the "Go To" for all things RV.  The Website and Forum is easy to use and full of information.   I am always amazed at the information I find on this site.  The Forum allows you to connect with other RVers.  Escapees has a membership associated with it.  The membership allows you to go deeper into their website and also provides some discounts at a multitude of campgrounds.

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