Technology & Communications

There are SO many great resources available…. Our list is a list of resources that we have used and liked. 

With all of the available choices, these are just a few sites I go to regularly. We met Jim and Chris, Geeks on Tour, at a Good Sam's Rally years ago. We have both used computers in our jobs for over 20 years.  Even with that in mind, we left that rally with new, helpful computer knowledge and information.  They offer You-Tube videos which I regularly use as a resource for all things software and SmartPhone.  For people that would rather see a demonstration that read the instructions, this is a perfect resource--and you will love it.  They offer an annual membership at a nominal fee.  With that membership, they will answer any specific questions you have. Chris and Cherie travel full-time between their conversion bus and their boat.  They do a great job keeping current with all things technology related.  Their website and their resources are a first stop for us when we have any questions about cell phone coverage, the new travel Apps, the best Internet connection options and SO much more. What started through Technomadia has now grown into a nice resource for information. provides an unbiased review of resources, services and technical needs for US based travelers.  You will receive new, how-to-guides and videos.    They are not sponsored by any manufacturers, vendors or service providers.  I do not have to be an expert, because they are!

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