Temporary Evacuation Checklist (Tornado warning, etc.)

Temporary Evacuation Checklist (Tornado warning,etc.) 

These are Checklists that we have used for years.

We have made edits to match our life and our RV—so they may not perfectly match your situation.  These lists have proven to be complete for us--but may not be complete for you.

These lists can be used in multiple different formats:
·      Print the page
·      Download the attached Checklist and reprint for yourself
·      Take the information and transfer it to a variety of Apps that available.  I have tried all of these.  It is important to me that the list is easy to use.  I need to be able to easily edit the list Categories and the individual list items.  The list also needs to have the ability to Uncheck All of the items after we use, so it is ready for the next time I need it. 
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Temporary Evacuation Checklist (Tornado warning,etc.) 

We all hate the idea of an Emergency that would require us to quickly leave our home (our RV).  However, it can be less stressful if we have planned for such an emergency.   We have traveled through Tornado season, been in Earthquake fault zones and been in states that are subject to regular hurricanes.  This list certainly does not prevent an emergency, but it will give you some tools to help if you are forced to temporarily evacuate.

Also, keep any Emergency Services phone numbers in a predetermined location.  In earthquake areas, First Responders look in the refrigerator door for Emergency Contact information.

When appropriate, we also ask if, and where, the campground emergency Shelter is located. 

Make sure to have an NOAA Weather Radio—TURNED ON.  Have extra batteries near the radio.  Tune the radio to your current area.  The National Weather Service monitors and broadcasts 24 hours a day.  It will inform you of any actions necessary:  “Seek Shelter”, “Evacuate the Area”, etc.

We gather the items on the checklist and leave the bag at the front door. 

During potentially severe weather, we leave a set of clothes and shoes at the end of the bed.   (I have been known to sleep in sweat pants so if we had to move in the middle of the night, I was at least covered.)

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