Joshua Tree National Park  is like seeing something that almost feels like another planet, with an "Alien like" tree.  This area is the only area in the world that Joshua Trees are natural.  Having never seen a Joshua Tree (which is actually a cactus)  I had no idea what to expect.  Crazy, weird and unlike any other.

From a Shoe Fence to a Wedding Proposal in Rocks...  only in California can both bee seen within 5 miles of each other.   Because we like the weird and wacky, this place is a perfect fit for us.

Slab City  where some people go to avoid society and laws and others go because they have no where else to go.

Palm Springs Wind Farm  where nothing grows but wind.  This was one of the first Wind Farms. There are even fields of Wind Turbines of different sizes, were it is obvious new and improved methods of harvesting the wind are being tested.

Salvation Mountain is a unique place that is evidence of a man following God's message to him.  He felt God calling him to dedicate his life to sharing the Gospel of Jesus and drawing attention to God's Word.  I would say he was successful.  None of us can question the directions that God will send another person.

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