Membership & Discount Clubs

We use our camping memberships about 85% of the time.  Our memberships allow us to keep our monthly camping expenses to about $150/month.  

We prefer to stay in campground with amenities vs. wilderness or boondocking.  We love to drive to the parks… but we like the pool and relationships that campgrounds & resorts bring. Our list are resources we have used and liked.

Price is about $44 for an annual Passport America membership. PA offers 50% discounts to campgrounds all across the country.  We use PA primarily for overnight or short-term camping.  Some campgrounds will allow you to stay longer at the reduced rate.  Most campgrounds do not allow reservations.  I generally call ahead to make sure they have spots available for Passport campers.  (There are often restrictions for seasons and/or days of the week.)

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast is a significant investment (although previously owned memberships are available).  This network of RV Resorts/Campgrounds allows a member to stay for $0 to $10/night.  They have an additional network of parks that are available for approx. $15/night.  For us this membership has more than paid for itself.  Also, Coast to Coast customer service is great to work with.

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