There are SO many great resources available…. Our list is a list of resources that we have used and liked. 

Like most people that use a Smartphone or Tablet, I love the wide variety of Apps.  Right now I have a ridiculous number of Apps on my phone.  I have only listed the Apps that I use regularly and I think these are Apps that I will always have on my phone and tablet. 

Allstays—Camp & RV:  This App allows you to see everything from RV Resorts to City Parks.  Camp & RV has a filter option that will allow the user to narrow the information that comes up.  The full version allows additional filtering.  This is a map I use whenever we are on the road.  It is also a great app for seeing low bridge clearance.

RV Parky:  This App is another that will help find RV parks, campgrounds, rest stops, gas stations and low clearance warnings.  I use it as an additional source for campground locators.  It is comprehensive and easy to use.

Allstays—Truck & Travel:  This free App by AllStays shows Truck Stops.  There are quite a few filter options.  I especially like to research Truck Stop details.  To make the decision about which Truck Stop to use for fuel, I will look for the number of Parking Spots and the number of Diesel lanes.  I have learned that given a choice, we will use a Truck Stop with 160 parking spots, before we will pull into a smaller one with 25 parking spots.  We would prefer to be able to maneuver easier.

Interstate Exit Guide (by:  O’Mecha):  This App shows each Exit on an Interactive Map.  The restaurants, Gas Stations and businesses at the Exit are displayed.

State Lines (by: Two Steps Beyond):  This App is one of Technomadia products—so it is not surprise that it is great for RVers.  It tracks tax information and driving/transportation laws (seatbelts, speed limits, length limits, etc.).

US Public Lands (by: Two Steps Beyond):  This App is another Technomadia product.  As the name implies, it shows all the public lands:  BLM, State and National Parks, etc.  The map is thorough and easy to read.

RV Checklist  (by: Adventure Treks):  Even after traveling full time in the same RV for over 5 years, I still use a Departure Checklist when we “break camp”.  This App is very easy to customize to your own needs.  Simply check tasks off after they have been completed and the select “Clear Checkmarks” to uncheck full list to make the list ready for the next time.  Our list has over 70 items that we verify before traveling—this list ensures I don’t forget any detail.  We never leave without working completely through our list.

CoPilot:  I have used CoPilot as our primary GPS for several years.  I opted to get the professional Trucker version—hoping it will keep us off roads that are not Truck Routes.  We feel more confident in our route using a Trucker GPS.  It downloads maps to your phone, so you are able to work offline.  I have CoPilot on our Android phone and also the Android Tablet.

GasBuddy:  GasBuddy helps you find the least expensive fuel with just one tap.  It has been very helpful in locating gas stations when I was unsure of the nearest one.  This is a “must have” for everyone—not just an RVer.

Out of Milk (by: Capigami):  Out of Milk has become one of my favorite Apps.  It has Shopping List, Pantry List and To-Do List in one App.  The Shopping List allows me to organize by specific stores.  This App also has an email option, which allows me to forward a specific shopping list to another person.

Tecarta Bible:  This is the Bible app that I use the most.  I wanted to be able to get to a Bible on my phone without having to be online.  Tecarta Bible has over 30 Translations and over 80 Bible Studies.  I have also used the Commentaries.  I am able to highlight as I want.  I am able to make notes about specific verses or a sermon.

LastPass:  There are multiple Password Managers available.  I use this on my laptop, phone and tablet.  I wanted one that was secure and not ridiculously expensive.  LastPass will manage my passwords and generate new passwords.  The App has autofill for websites and logins available.  LastPass is easy to use.

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