Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to the BIG state of Texas

We moved on to Amarillo this morning.  It was a beautiful day to travel.  Sun was shining and minimal wind.  I've never been to Texas and George hasn't been to Texas with me--so it's all new for us.

We pulled into our campground, Oasis RV Resort.  The lady that checked us in was so nice.  We were so enjoying our visit that we walked out of the office and realized that we had not gotten our site information.    

The sites are 75 feet long.  All are paved, but there are grasses and yucca plants around the campground--so you don't feel like we are in a parking lot.  The clubhouse and buildings are very clean and there are very good amenities.  George is glad to have a large site, because he has a few jobs to do on the 5th wheel and the jeep connectors.

We decided to go to the Big Texan Steak House for lunch.  We know it is a tourist "trap"--but sometimes you just don't want to miss the fun little side treats.  This place was very interesting. The restaurant is known for it's 72 oz "free" steak.  If you attempt to eat this steak you have one hour to complete the steak and all the fixins'.  If you don't finish--you pay $72.  Just the idea that anyone would even try to eat 72 oz of meat in one sitting is shocking to me!

There were 2 young men trying when we got there.  The brave men trying to finish their meal, were defeated by the giant piece of meat.  One man said his face hurt from chewing, so he gave up about 3 pounds into his Fred Flintstone size steak.   Our server told us 50+ people a month try in the winter, but only 7 or 8 actually meet the challenge.  In the summer, she said there is a constant flow of people trying.   We had normal steak dinners and then did a short drive in Amarillo before heading back to the RV.

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