Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye

We knew the hardest part of this our new adventure be leaving the ones we love.  We have never lived far from the Massey's.  In fact before we sold our house, we were only 5 blocks apart.  

We were able to spend some real quality time together before we left.  We were  trying to capture every minute we can together.  The last few days were the hardest.   We all knew we would be leaving.  We keep trying to stay in the moment and just enjoy the time we have--but it is hard not to think about our pending travels.

Every time we leave, I (Lisa) am in tears.  I can't imagine just dropping by their house for a much needed hug or smooch.  And Amber... don't even get me started on that sweet thing.  She is always good for a dinner date. 

They are all so supportive of what we are doing--if only we could all go together.  It is such a happy/sad time.  We are so sad to leave our family and so excited to be starting our journey. 

Sue Eilertsen and I have been friends since George and I got married--I have a hard time even imagining her not being a phone call and shopping date away. 

Our last night was spent having dinner with Tom and Sandy Burke, who have become especially good friends as we made our dream a reality.  They have let us painstakingly process the possibility and potential problems as we start traveling.

So to Colorado Springs our home town, our family and our friends that have become family, we say... it is not good-bye, it is "see you soon".  
We love you all so much! 

(And I did not mention all the people and places we will miss.  So if you are not specifically mentioned... please do not be offended.)

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