Friday, January 24, 2014

Glen Rose, TX… Great People… Great Food…

We moved onto Glen Rose, Texas—it feels like such a nice little town.   We drove through town and enjoyed seeing the old Downtown area. There are a lot of stone buildings (that we later found out are partially petrified wood).  I love seeing the different architecture around the country.

It was lunch time so we decided we would try to find a "local special" restaurant to eat lunch. Driving we spot a parking lot FULL of cars in front of Hammond's BBQ—so it felt like a safe bet.  We walked in and it just felt familiar, like everyone here was family.  We found a seat at one of the many picnic tables.  Lunch today was being served buffet style out of the kitchen.  There were no signs telling us what to do or where to go or even how much anything cost.  If it were not for the cash register, one would not know they were in a restaurant.  The food was great and the price matched.   There was a very attentive woman that came by to make sure we were happy.   It was a nice way to start our time here.

Our 2nd day here we realized we needed to find a notary—which in a town of 2,000 on a weekend might be almost impossible.   What we found was… people here are friendly and will go out of their way to help.   The one notary that was within 30 miles of our campground was at home, but he was happy to meet us.   So we met the friendly, more than helpful,notary at the Exxon gas station about ¼ mile from our campground.   We would never have dreamed!!!

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