Monday, January 13, 2014

Albuquerque, NM

Sonja gave us some ideas of things to see in the Albuquerque area while we are here.  It is very helpful to have someone that has lived in an area give feedback on activities and "must see" places.

We packed a picnic and headed toward the Albuquerque volcanoes, in Petroglyph National Monument.  George was so excited about the possibilities, I imagined flowing lava.  Well... we have now learned to wait to be excited until after we see a site.

Every place we go is a new adventure and we will get excited about the possibilities in each new day.   The trails were relatively easy and so I was able to have a nice walk.  George went to the top of the volcanoes, but these volcanoes didn't have craters and certainly there was no lava.  (ok, seriously I knew there would be no lava--but a girl can hope!)

Did I mention the wind?  It was chilly and windy, so we decided we would take our picnic home and have it for dinner.

We headed through town and decided to try the Frontier Restaurant, which Sonja had also recommended as a fun place to eat.  We really enjoyed the experience.  The food was good and very reasonable (which always makes George LOVE it).  The atmosphere was really fun.  We enjoyed people watching for a long time.
Yesterday we drove down Hwy 14 toward Santa Fe.  We were headed toward Madrid, New Mexico.  It was a coal-mining ghost town that has become an ecclectic collection of art shops, gift shops and places to eat or get a little treat.  We saw several houses that were made from train cars.  There was a yard fence that was made entirely of wine bottles.  There are great colorful little cottages right beside the businesses.  It was hard to even know where to look first.  I LOVED this little town.  Many of the stores were closed because of "Off season".  This town is worth the drive, even if all you do is drive through it--which we did several times.

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