Friday, January 10, 2014

We were almost in the AIR.

We made it into our campground... Hidden Valley Resort in Tijeras, New Mexico (just outside of Albuquerque).  The sites are so small, if it weren't the off season; I have no idea what we would have done.  I felt very frustrated because I talked to campground staff a couple of times and they assured us the length of our rig is not an issue.  I guess they thought we could fit 72 feet into an approximately 50 ft site.  Because it is a Coast to Coast park--we essentially stay for free, so we will just deal with it...  and we will take up TWO sites.  The faucet on our site had frozen and so we didn't have water.  George drug a hose from another site and filled our fresh water tank and we planned to use our water pump.  We can go 2 to 3 weeks without water hook up--so we aren't going to let this be a crisis.

As Amber will tell you... one of my favorite sayings... "This isn't a crisis.  I have had crisis; and trust me this isn't it!"

OK, now let me talk about the New Mexico weather... which somehow had slipped my memory from previous visits.  We had several days that the wind chill was -10 or lower.  Not to mention 50mph wind gusts one day.  Several other days the forecast told us to expect 20+ mph winds.  I was sure we were going to catch a good gust and fly away.

I even went on-line to see how the wind generally affects stationary 5th wheels.  I learned that it is unlikely we would leave the ground--although I will say I wasn't totally convinced. 

And forget having a good hair day--I finally just gave up.  Brushing is optional.  :)

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