Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We Plan, We Drive, We Conquer

We move toward our new campground Sun Country in Whitney, Texas.  In trying to find the campground, we ended up in a tiny little town with dirt roads and very narrow streets.  We called the campground to get better directions (than the GPS was giving us).  We are learning the GPS is often not absolutely correct.  The campground sites are level and the campground is basically empty.  The parameter of the property is full of permanent resident mobile homes and campers.

It is colder here than we had hoped, but we can stay in on the cold days and go exploring on the nicer days.  We were thrilled that we missed the Dallas ice storms.  We hear constantly that Texas is having the worst winter in memory.  The ice storms last for days and even a week or longer.  Highways have been shut down and major vehicle pile ups, so we do not take our safety for granted.  We are always thankful when we reach our destination with no real issues—safe and happy.  We are glad we are still able to ride together, pulling the jeep behind the 5th wheel.  Although we are quite a sight at 75 feet long—we feel safe because we have the power to pull and the brakes to stop.  When we get past Louisiana, I will drive the jeep following George in the truck & 5th wheel.

There are so many details we need to be aware of as we travel.  We have to plan and watch the weather—snow, ice and even rain are not our friend.  We have adjusted our travel days several times to avoid upcoming bad weather.  We also do our best to know where we are going and the route that we take to get there.  That being said, the GPS has led very far off track in the past—so we take the directions cautiously.  We have to make sure we either have enough fuel for the entire trip or we have to know exactly where the major truck stops are to fill up.  We have been forced on two different occasions to used our extra gas cans to make it the last few miles--it is not a good time.

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