Sunday, July 5, 2015

The King in His White Castle

In fairness, these were not all his, but he was obviously a "Happy Camper".

I remember early in our marriage George sharing his love of White Castle hamburgers.  Many of his happy high school memories are of eating 12 or more White Castle’s in one sitting.  Rarely do we visit his high school friends without them reveling about their hamburger feasts.  We once drove from Colorado Springs to Kansas City for White Castle hamburgers.  Over the years, I have also come to appreciate them (although I will never love them like George does).  When we had our house, and more importantly, our freezer; we would purchase 100 White Castle’s to take home.  Now we just enjoy them while we are here.

We were thrilled at the opportunity to spend a day with Kylie.  She is 6 years old and a happy little girl.  She is very well behaved and polite.  Her daycare was closed for the Independence Day holiday and we were happy to volunteer to hang out with her. 

She came into the RV for breakfast and then we headed to Mooresville so George could do some yard work for Aunt Vera and we could visit with Hazel.  Kylie loves White Castle and was excited to eat lunch there.  During the day Kylie and I played games and colored in Color Books.  She brought her Kindle, but I think she only turned it on in the Jeep traveling to Mooresville.  On the way home, she started talking the minute we got in the jeep and didn’t stop until we pulled into her driveway—so cute!  (In retrospect… her chatter could have been caused by the Chocolate Milk Shake. J)

Seriously, could she be any cuter!???

We got to White Castle for lunch and she knew exactly what she wanted to order.  She wanted Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Cheeseburgers and a Chocolate Milk Shake.  

When we ordered the Chocolate Shake, we didn’t expect it to be as big as her head!  Such a little girl, such a big milk shake.  The advantage of being the aunt and uncle, you can spoil them with ice cream.  We all 3 had a great time together.

Someone asked her about her day with us.  Kylie said, “It was an AWESOME day!”  

We all felt the same way, and look forward to hanging out again. 

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