Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beauty Waits for No One

Aunt Vera has done Hazel’s hair every Saturday as long as any of us can remember.  Even now when she is in Rehab trying to get her strength back and “retrain” her body to walk and function in life; having a hair appointment is important.

Hazel was able to sit up in her wheelchair long enough for Aunt Vera to roll her hair and dry it before having lunch.  Just when I thought this would be a regular “hair appointment”—out came the Wal-Mart bag!  They have figured out that putting the blow drying into the handle of a bag creates a make-shift hair dryer hood.  Walking is a challenge, sitting up for long periods of time can be a challenge; but holding the blow dryer AND the Wal-Mart bag—that is critical!  J

George and I were sure this was either a form of torture or a suicide attempt.  But it was obvious to us that this is their “standard operating procedure”. 

I couldn’t decide if I should be shocked at the possible dangers involved or impressed by the ingenuity.  I went for being impressed and then laughing like a crazy person.

She was still able to peak through and carry on a conversation.

As a side note… it does not matter if the sisters are 2 and 3, 15 and 16 or 86 and 93… they will pick at each other.  It’s too hot!  What are you doing? Don’t touch that!  What!???  They cracked us up.

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