Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amazing Sea Caves on Lake Superior

We started our day with high expectations for this day.  So many sights—so little time J.  Sandy had a high school friend that now owned a Boat Tour company—GoodEarth Outfitters.   It is a great Lake Superior boat touring company.   We LOVED the whole trip.  I did a separate post about the company.

I am not a great swimmer—so drowning seemed like a real possibility in my over active imagination.  I was not sure I was able make the step into the boat (it was less than a foot).  My mind said “take the short little step”, my fear said “are you crazy, woman?  Stay on dry ground.”  Finally, we were all in the boat and Captain Mike did the safety speech.  I was taking notes!  Everyone was teasing me… but I reminded all the naysayers that the people on the Edmund Fitzgerald thought they were safe, also.  J

We pull away about 4pm.  The weather feels nearly perfect; it’s about 75 degrees, sunny and blue skies.  The company had considered canceling the tour due to wind, but the wind has calmed down—so we head out to see the well-known Sea Caves on Lake Superior.

There are Sea Caves on various shorelines throughout the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.  The Sea Caves were created after centuries of waves, freezing and thawing weather. 

Along the shoreline we see caves, delicate arches and shear “cuts” in the rock.

In the winter these Sea Caves are a very popular tourist destination.  Lake Superior freezes, people park (sometimes as far as 5 miles away) and walk to 1 ½ miles across the frozen lake to see these Ice Caves.  Imagine for a minute… You are able to get a great parking spot 5 miles away from the START of the sight you want to visit.  Now you walk 1 ½ miles across a frozen lake (which means slick ice and snow).  There are no heating lamps or fires… remember you are on the ice!  By now you can’t feel your feet and you are sure your nose has fallen off.  You snap your pictures, amazed at the beauty around you; and now it is time to trek back to your car.  Ouch!  I really didn’t get the adventure gene.

In the summer these Sea Caves attract millions of people by boats and kayaks.  We feel so blessed to see these amazing caves that are constantly changing.

There is an array of sea caves along the coast.  Some of the caves are small overhangs of beautiful rock formations; while others are large enough for our boat to drive into.   Mike was able to pull our boat into several of the caves. 

We were thrilled to see a couple of Bald Eagles swoop out of their nest—probably “shopping for dinner”.

There are Arches along the shoreline and between the caves.  The rocks are a variety of brilliant colors:  red, tans, greens and even blue.  Some areas have vines and ferns growing out of them.  Some are covered with moss. 

The water beats up on the shore across the rocks.  We have never seen anything like these caves and rock formations before.    

Although our adventure on Lake Superior only lasted 1 ½ hours; we all felt like we had been treated to our own personal tour of Sea Caves on Lake Superior. 

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