Friday, July 24, 2015

A precious New Friend

Some of the greatest treasures of our travels are the people that we meet along the way.  We see stunning sunsets, brilliant rock formations and canyons.  We are amazed by the power and beauty of the large and the small bodies of water.  But some of my favorite memories are of the times we spend with family and friends; and some of new friends that we meet on our journey.

We are staying in the small town of Washburn, Wisconsin.  Sue, Lisa’s best friend, is from Washburn.  Sue’s sister and her dad live in the area. 

Today, as part of the town’s Homecoming Celebration, the Messiah Lutheran Church had a Salad Luncheon.  While visiting with people at the church, I met a lovely woman, Harriet Elliott.  We shared about the joy of meeting new people.  We talked about our mutual love of turning these strangers into new friends.  We shared a mutual frustration with electronics taking over peoples’ lives and family communications.

As we were leaving the luncheon, my new friend, Harriett stopped me.  After our short visit earlier,  she had written a poem.

By:  Harriett Elton Elliott
A stranger is but a friend waiting to happen.
One never knows where or when a new friend will pop up.

A friend is only a stranger for a short while
Then upon sharing many things a bond is formed.

Which becomes stronger as time goes by.
And finally become firmly cemented.

A friend is a priceless jewel.

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