Friday, July 17, 2015

Sights and Tastes from Wisconsin

We have seen so many amazing sights while we were in Wisconsin.  We took a couple of boat rides and a ferry ride to Madeline Island.  We visited with friends.  We felt so blessed to get to know Niles, Sue's dad, better; and we always love spending time with Sandy.  We loved meeting friends and family—although because we have heard stories for years, it was if we had known them forever. 

We were able to see places from Sue’s past.  We were able to imagine her walking to school each day and visiting her mom in the nursing home.  

Sue had carefully planned our days with some of her favorite sights from her home state.   She also shared restaurants and places with delicious treats.  

We were able to see the Eilertsen’s family cabin in Michigan.  It was a great little cabin with endearing memories for Niles, Sandy and Sue.  We loved seeing the cabin that sits on a creek in the woods.  The cabin didn’t have electricity or plumbing until late 1970’s. 


Stormie Kromer hats

Stormie Kromer hats were created and continue to be manufactured in Michigan. 

I do love a good hat!!

During our time in Wisconsin we were confused by the restaurants and places to eat that are located in the middle of nowhere—and yet seem to remain busy every day.

Delta Diner is so far out in the middle of nowhere, it is surprising that anyone finds this little hidden treasure.  Although this diner sits in the middle of nowhere and looks like a diner from days-gone-by, the menu is anything but “normal diner fare”.   They serve Swedish pancakes, similar to crepes.  Each day they have a one omelet option.  George enjoyed a sugared ham, roasted tomato and pepper and Swiss cheese omelet. 

We have heard for years about the famed Pasties of Michigan.  They are a pastry filled with potatoes, onions, beef and pork.  It is a cross between a pot pie and a bierrock.  When people in Washburn found out we were going after Pasties, they put in their orders.  J  We came back with 42 pasties!  Pasties were created to provide a warm meal for miners.  Warm Pasties would be wrapped and carried in the pockets by the miners for lunch.

We drove right by this one... but I couldn't resist the picture.  I, for one, would be unwilling to eat at a restaurant with a name like "Up Chucks"!  

We went to a family dairy farm, Tetzner’s.   Purchases in their little “store” are made on an honor system.  We bought ice cream sandwiches and cherry Ice Cream.  We placed cash in the box with a list of what we had purchased.   I loved the “down home” feel that allowed us to put money in an envelope and take our treats.  And as a bonus… the ice cream was great.

Great memories, great friends, good food.

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