Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nice visit with Jeff and Rhonda and their family

We spent a couple of days this week shopping and hanging out with Jeff and their daughter Mandi.  What a beautiful young woman she has become.  It was delightful spending time with them and getting to know her as an adult. She is deciding what her next steps in life will be; it will be exciting to watch and see her future.

We spent this weekend with Jeff and Rhonda and Donovan and his precious daughter, Laurlynn.  We had not seen them for about 10 years.

We really have had a very nice visit with all of them.  We spent hours just visiting and catching up a little. 

Jeff and Rhonda have moved into their dream house in Taylor, Texas.  It is a great house.  The house was one of the original homes in Taylor from when the area was a pecan orchard.  There are beautiful architectural features throughout the house.

Donovan and Laurlynn came over a couple times to visit.  He is such a good daddy.  He lives in Hutto, Texas; where he grew up.  It was such a treasure to spend time with him and his little sweetie girl.  I love the man he has become; he seems to be working to be a good man and a good father.  By the end of our visit Laurlynn was happy to have me hold her, she is a doll.

I really need to mention Jeff and Rhonda’s dog, Lady.  She is a Rottweiler. As a general rule, I am not especially fond of big dogs.  These dogs have a reputation for being protective and aggressive—so I was not looking forward to our “dog introduction”.  But... this dog rocks.  She is a beauty and once she was familiar with us, was friendly.

Jeff and Rhonda gave us a tour of their area.  We had been seeing cotton fields since we entered Texas, George wanted to get a piece of raw cotton directly from a field;

Jeff knew where to take him to get this “treasure”.   George was so excited; you would have thought he was getting a new pair of shoes.   (OK that would have made me excited--not him.)

 We also wanted to get pictures of the famous Texas longhorn cattle.  They are an impressive animal.

Sunday Jeff made a beef brisket for us.  We were able to enjoy a true Texas BBQ.  We said our goodbyes in the early evening, promising we would not wait another 10 years before out next visit.

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