Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the Crazy of Houston… To the Quiet of Galveston

This day was fabulous!  This day was exactly what I had in mind when we started this journey. We finish the day very tired, but so happy about our days’ adventures.

We started about 8:30am heading toward NASA-Johnson Space Center.   We made it through Houston without any real issues.  There was, of course, a crazy amount of traffic.  Seriously, where are all these people going???  We were glad we had made the decision to not drive our RV through this city.  As we drove through Houston, we remember how much we really hate large cities and areas of crazy traffic.  Everyone is rushing, seriously did they all wake up late and need to drive like crazy people.   Many drivers think their agenda is more important than yours and they have the absolute right to cut you off, pull in front of you and then look at you, while waving multiple fingers; acting as if you have just insulted them personally by being on their road! 

Anyway, I’m digressing…

We made it to the Space Center no worse for wear.   We start with a Tram Tour of the Center grounds.  It was probably more exciting for me than for George.  The tour guide talked about the room-size computers than ran the space program in the beginning days having the memory of a current day smartphone ring tone, I am amazed.


Much of the equipment we see is very similar to the equipment George worked on at Ford Aerospace/Lockheed.  We see the actual Mission Control center for all of the Shuttle missions, we tour working areas and testing areas.

We see rockets and space shuttles.  The living space seemed like the size of a
high school locker.  Suddenly, our 5th wheel feels like a huge palace!  What a privilege
that we are able to tour and see such technological treasures. 

I think George enjoyed seeing the “Astronaut” holding French Fries on the top of the local McDonald's more than anything.  Although we do not think there McDonald's in space; George dreams of the day...

We finished earlier than expected and so we decided to head to Galveston.   As we
drive into Galveston, we realize we are in for something special with this sweet town. 

Galveston was established in 1817 and many of the original homes are still standing.  We start with a driving tour of several neighborhoods.  Some of the areas have small and big houses next to each other—all held up on 10 foot stilts to prevent homes from flooding during the inevitable storms.  Some neighborhoods live in extreme poverty, while others are huge “Plantation style” homes.

We drove onto the Galveston Island Ferry.  This is a free ferry from Galveston Island to Port Bolivar.  Most people taking this ferry stay in their vehicle on the ride.  Are you kidding...  we are so happy to be at a place in our lives that we are able to get out of our car and see the sights around us.

We do not want to miss any opportunity to see a “treat”.   We do not want to take for granted that every place we are and each sight we see, offers the opportunity for a visual treat from God.

We see pelicans, sea gulls and dolphins.  I am as excited as a little kid!  On Port Bolivar we take a long walk on the beach, relishing the beautiful view, the sound of the waves, watching the pelicans diving for dinner and just enjoying time together.  We have driven our jeep through the mountains, on the trails and roads in Moab and now on the beach.

We head home after a long, but after a really great day!

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