Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Catrina.

Today is Catrina's birthday.

This is the first birthday I have been away from her in 25 years. 

It has been a rough three or four days, every time I turn around I am in tears.  In the past I would take the day off work and we would hang out all day.  We would start by having coffee someplace and discussing what we wanted to do with our day.  I would have presents for her all throughout the day.  Generally, we visit at least one Goodwill and sometimes multiple stores around town.  We see who can get the best deal.   At some point we will end up at a make-up counter, where we can spend an hour or more just looking.  

We often hang out or shop until dinner and then we meet the family someplace and enjoy a Mexican dinner.  It’s great to have a daughter that is also a friend.    

Catrina is a precious treasure to us.  She is a beautiful example of a woman that seeks the Lord.  She is always moving toward being the very best person she can be.  She has raised three fabulous children that today love the Lord.  She has created a home that is not only one of beauty, but it is one that feels safe and secure to those who enter. 

She feels and loves deeply and completely. 

She works very hard trying to make everyone happy, often at great sacrifice to herself.  We are proud to be her dad and mom; it brings us great joy to call her our daughter.

Since we started on our journey we have missed family and friends.  In fact, we regularly say our time would be PERFECT if we had the ones we love with us.  This is the first time I have really been homesick and wished we were back in Colorado.

As the day comes to a close we are left the realization that we are blessed to have such a great daughter—that we miss.  We are blessed to have a relationship that causes our hearts to hurt when we are apart.

Happy Birthday, Girtie Girl.  WE LOVE YOU, SO MUCH!

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