Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's True...Everything is Bigger in Texas

Truck-Sized cactus
We have been seeing these gi-normous cactus' since we came into Texas.  Some of them are as big as a minivan.  Many are more than 6 feet tall.  Many times we have seen what appears to be a "cactus farm".  They grow like weeds here.

When they say everything is bigger in Texas--It didn't dawn on us that meant cactus.

One of the things we looked forward to was seeing the different landscapes across the country. We are already seeing different plants and animals and we have only gone a short distance. 

In Dallas George looked forward to seeing the five-level highway interchange.  When there is not enough area for roads to work side by side; they have nowhere to go but UP.  And up they went... five levels high.  I was overwhelmed by all the traffic moving and circling around; it is an amazing design.  George thought it was an "engineering marvel"--but was OK getting out of the heavy traffic, so we didn't linger. 

Is it a Gas Station or a Mini-Mall
We have seen truck stops across the country.  Buccee's, a gas station only found in Texas, is a destination.  There are 64 gas pumps that can fill 128 vehicles at a time!  When entering this Wal-Mart sized convenient store, you are given a shopping cart to fill with whatever your heart might desire.  Inside the convenience store are 8 cash registers.  There are isles and isles of treats.

There is an entire isle of jerky--every meat and every flavor imaginable.  Every kind of snack someone would desire--salty or sweet.  There are clothes, jewelry and home design items throughout.

We are SO excited about the new things we are going to see.

Even as we see giant cactus, sky-high highways and giant gas stations; we are grateful for the opportunity to see new... anything. 

Who knew cactus, highway flyovers and giant truck stops would be such a hoot to us?? 

It's true... everything is bigger in Texas.

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