Friday, February 14, 2014

San Antonio: The Alamo and The Riverwalk

Today is Valentine's Day and we would like to do something fun. We decided to head toward San Antonio to see the sights.  

Every new city we are in presents its own set of challenges.  San Antonio is no exception—the streets are not square and there is a lot of road construction being done in the downtown area that we are planning to spend most of the day.   

We finally find the Alamo and even find parking very close.   Our first stop of the day is the Alamo.  We didn’t know what to expect; which was probably a good thing.   The Alamo is full of history—but we are not familiar with any of it, so we are always anxious to learn new things.    There is essentially a fort area with several main buildings.  The gift shop is the largest building.  The shrine is the primary destination building of the Alamo.  This building is basically empty and has a few small areas with limited displays.    There is a pretty little courtyard and then you are done. Bottom line… we were glad it was free, because there is not much to see.   We wish there had been more information about what happened here.

The Riverwalk is only about 2 blocks away from the Alamo, so we decide to walk down and have lunch on the Riverwalk.    This area is an area 15 miles long that has shops and restaurants to enjoy.  The shops were fun to see, but mostly expensive so we did not do any shopping.  We found a little Mexican restaurant that had seating outside.  We shared nachos and watched people for a couple of hours. 

There are gondola type boats floating down the river.  Ducks and birds walked freely in and out of the restaurants, which was cute and yet somewhat disturbing.

After lunch and enjoying a short walk down the Riverwalk, we decide to head toward our car and leave San Antonio trying to beat rush hour traffic.  Ok, can I remind you that I said the challenge with San Antonio is the streets are not square! 

We were sure we knew where our car was, we even paid special attention to where we were when we left it.  With each block we walked we realized we really had no idea where we were and there were no real landmarks to find since we were in the middle of downtown where the buildings block everything except right in front of us.  Although we did not figure out where we really went wrong, we finally figured out how to get to our car.  We retrieve our trusty jeep and head out of town ready to be back in our RV home, a place that everything is familiar to us.

We enjoyed visiting San Antonio because we have never been here.  We realize again—large cities and big crowds and just not "our thing".  But the people are really nice and we always love seeing new sights.

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