Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Now to North Carolina

Today is a travel day. We are moving from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Jackson Springs, North Carolina.  It is a perfect day to travel.  We like to travel when it is not too hot or too cold.  It was a sunny 75 degree day.  There is very little wind.  Wind can really be a problem.  We are definitely high profile.  We are 13 ½ feet high and 75 feet long.  So we are almost as high as a semi-truck and every bit as long as a semi.  So weather can be a major stress.

We got to the campground about noon.  We were hoping to get a campsite by the lake, but the lady at the office was unwilling to have any discussion about changing our assigned site.  After a short discussion, I could see I am not going to convince her of changing.  We have the RV set-up down to an art; so we set up quickly and make some lunch before going exploring in the nearest town.

We have enjoyed the sun and beaches for several months; so this area will be very different for us.  The weather is supposed to be fairly moderate while we are here.  I will be thrilled if we do not have to deal with a tornado watch—the season and area are right for storm conditions.
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