Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jackson Springs, North Carolina

We have been at Sycamore Lodge and RV Resort in Jackson Springs, North Carolina for almost two weeks. The campground is a reasonably nice.  There is very little to do in the area.   We have gone into Aberdeen a couple of times.   There just is not much that to entertain.   Let me be honest… this area is pretty boring to me.  It is pretty with the tall pine trees and quiet because we are out in the country.

George has gone for a ride almost every day.  We have gone for walks around the campground.

But after two weeks with limited sites to see, I'm about to lose my mind.  We are both feeling restless and ready to move on.  We originally planned to stay here for one week and changed it to two weeks because we the reviews were so great.  There certainly are some sites that are nice with good lake views, but the rest are just average campsites with lots of trees.  Those trees have caused some issues for our cell phones and internet.

I have used our time here to work on a massive picture organizing project.  I have been putting pictures on my computer for years—but until now I have never taken the time to organize pictures.  When we moved into our RV, I had 2 major projects… The first one is to organize my recipes—entering them in my Cookbook database.  The second project is to organize all of our pictures.

Today is another cloudy "project" day.  We have watched movies, I paid a few bills and I am trying to catch up on our blog.

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