Friday, May 9, 2014

Charlotte, North Carolina

We decided to head to Charlotte, North Carolina today. We were not sure what to expect.   We have really started to enjoy the adventure of going into an area we are unfamiliar with and tripping over local "treasures".  We rarely have any kind of time restrictions, so we are able to get lost and then found—while remaining stress free.

Charlotte is almost 2 hours from Jackson Springs, which is farther than we usually travel for a day trip.  But there have not been things closer that we were interested in seeing—so we were willing to drive.

We went to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.  It is a beautiful property.  We were able to tour the boyhood home of Billy Graham.  He lived in the house for most of his life, until he left for college.  The library was more than historical account of his life.  There are videos of interviews with Rev. Graham and videos recounting various stages of his life.  Throughout the museum we saw examples of the lives that were changed by his life and ministries.

This museum gives the full glory to God for everything Billy Graham did and every life he touched. 

It felt very unpretentious to us.  We had not followed his life or ministries closely; so we were interested to see this evangelists' history.  At the end of the tour, every visitor is presented with the gospel and given an opportunity to invite Jesus into their heart and life.   It was a perfect way to finish the tour.

We enjoyed lunch in the café.  We made a quick stop at Northern Tools to pick up a tool for George to finish the installation of the auxiliary fuel tank.  Then we headed back to the RV.  

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