Thursday, May 1, 2014

Myrtle Beach: 14th Avenue Pier and the Boardwalk

We got up and spent the morning working through and returning emails.

We have a Townhouse in Colorado Springs that we maintain as a rental property.  It has been vacant since April 1.  We count on this rental property for a good portion of our monthly income, so there is a definite impact on life when it is vacant.   The previous tenants had been in the property for a year and we were able to manage it long distance easily with the existing tenants.  When they decided to move out, we hired a management company that will screen possible new tenants and manage any on-going issues.  We will pay them 10% of the monthly rent; but there is no way we are able to screen new tenants when we are traveling.   It is hard to give up the control (and the money).  The management company believes they have a new tenant—we are very excited.

We met up with Stephanie and Randy late morning and headed to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. 

We walked down the 14th Avenue Pier.  It was warm but windy.  The perspective from the pier was so different than walking along the boardwalk or the beach.  Standing at the end of the pier we were able to see, for what seemed like, miles down the coastline. 

We all enjoyed walking down on the Boardwalk. 

The view is amazing.  The Atlantic Ocean is on one side and little shops and restaurants are on the other.  We went into a couple of gift shops, but they felt like "tourist traps".  They seemed to all have the stereotype beach souvenirs. None of us bought anything.  We all know… if we buy something, we will have to find a place for it in the RV.

We enjoyed our little stroll down along the Ocean, visiting and seeing the sights. 

George and Stephanie were not interested in riding the Sky Wheel.  Randy and I thought about it; but I was not convinced I really wanted to ride that giant Farris wheel.  It was easy to say I did not want to spend the money—but I was probably just a “big chicken”.

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