Saturday, May 3, 2014

Myrtle Beach: Enjoying the Beach

This morning we loaded our lawn chairs into the truck and headed to the beach. We spent several hours enjoying the beach with our friends, Stephanie & Randy Corbin.  The weather was perfect!

It was the first day that had been sunny for several days.  We were all thrilled at the opportunity to spend some time outside hanging out at the beach.  There was a small breeze—which kept it from feeling too hot.  We set up our lawn chairs and watched people playing on the beach and enjoying the ocean.  Randy was the only one of us that was interested in getting into the water.  He wanted to make sure he swam in the Atlantic Ocean.  We were all happy to say, "We watched Randy go into the water."  

The rest of us walked into the water—ankle deep.

We went to a local diner, “Good Fellas” for lunch.  It is not much to look at from the outside; but it got great reviews.   We all enjoyed our lunch and stayed visiting for a long time.  It seems like we could sit and visit for hours.

We went back to the RV Resort so Randy & Stephanie could pack up—they move on to their next stop tomorrow.  It always makes travel day easier if you can do part of the work the day before.

George and I went for a walk around the Resort.  We loved seeing the little swan family. 
After they got their chores done, Randy helped George finish installing the auxiliary fuel tank on the truck.  Stephanie and I sat and enjoyed a final visit.  We say our goodbyes—unsure of when we will meet on the road again.  But we are all committed to maintaining the relationship and so we are sure we will be able connect again.
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