Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Orleans… Two Sides of the Same Coin

One of the joys of this full-time life is making new friends. We continue to be amazed at "what a small world" the RV community is.  We had met a great couple, Randy and Stephanie; at the Tabasco tour on Avery Island last week.   We were so happy to be able to reconnect with them, and we are already looking forward to our future visits together.
We all decided to go into New Orleans together.  We start with a short driving tour and enjoy seeing the typical New Orleans houses.  New Orleans is known for its French and Spanish architectural influence.   

These houses and neighborhoods are exactly what I had in my mind when I pictured New Orleans. There are large trees dripping with Spanish moss. 

The houses generally have a large front porch and a matching upstairs balcony.

Then we headed to the French Market, an open air, shopping pavilion.  It reminded us all of the Pike Market in Seattle.  There were a wide variety of vendors in the Market—selling everything from purses and jewelry to Mardi Gras masks and voodoo dolls; and food vendors selling anything you might be hungry (or not) for. 

We bought a few small treasures and then move toward the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. 

We walked down several narrow streets toward Bourbon Street.  The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are 2 things listed on every “must see” list for New Orleans.    I felt very naïve as we walked through this history riddled neighborhood.  I did not realize this area is best known for its bars and strip clubs.   We are here less than a week after Mardi Gras and so there are decorations everywhere.  There is also a smell that confirms this was the location of a huge party.  (That is really the nicest thing I can say about it; but be very thankful we do not have “smell-a-vision”)  Many streets had trash piled on them and people wandering around drinking.  I didn't take pictures of the less desirable sights--I really like to remember the parts I like. 

Honestly, we might enjoy this area more if we drank or liked to party.   We all enjoyed seeing the architecture and New Orleans style houses.

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