Saturday, March 22, 2014

Exploring Mobile, Alabama

Our campground is between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.

Today we drove to Mobile.  As with the other cities in the south, the people in Mobile are very friendly.  This city seems to have a little bit of everything.  The downtown has very interesting buildings. 

There are several different Historic neighborhoods throughout the city.  Many of the houses are similar to those we saw in New Orleans.

The streets around Ft. Conde' are paved with bricks.  There are houses and churches from the 1800’s.  I closed my eyes and imagined the battles that were fought on this ground to protect homes and land.  In my minds’ eye I can see hoop skirt and bonnet clad ladies sipping tea.

We enjoyed a shrimp & fries lunch at a local favorite restaurant, Ed’s Shed.  They are known for the "Yo Mamas Platter"—which has every local seafood imaginable on it.  Although we were entertained by the idea of this giant “sampler” plate; the food on this plate could have fed a small family, so we passed and were happy with our shrimp.
We head back to our RV earlier than we had planned.  I have been struggling again with joint pain.  I take pain killers to help me get through a normal day—but sometimes they just do not cover it.  I did not sleep at all last night because of this pain.  We wish we could figure out why some days the pain is much worse than others.  Anyway, I was ready for this day to be over.  I always believe “Tomorrow will be a better day”.

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