Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mississippi… Here we Are

We moved forward to Pass Christian,Mississippi—TLC Wolf River RV Resort. It was a very short travel day, and I was glad of that.

When we checked into the resort, we were told this campground had been completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and rebuilt.  The Resort kept one of the cabins that was not destroyed by the hurricane.
The town of Pass Christian has approximately 8,000 houses; all except 500 homes were either damaged or completely destroyed.   We later drive through the town and see many empty lots where the concrete foundation remains, but there is no house.  There are driveways leading to what was previously a home.

They continue to rebuild the area.  All of the houses that are built now, are built up on stilts to try to prevent to flooding and being completely destroyed again.

After setting up, we head out to see the area.  I was so excited when I realized we were only about ½ mile from the Gulf Coast. It looked very close on the map; but I had not paid close attention to how close it was to the beach—I was just trying to get us to the campground without getting lost! 

We saw little dirt/mud mounds throughout Louisiana and now again in Mississippi.  We found out the are crawfish mounds--crawfish homes.  In some areas, there are so many together that it looks like a Crawfish housing developments!

The only note about our travels today… we missed our turnoff to the campground and were forced to go further down a 2 lane country road.  Let me remind you that we are 75 feet long with our jeep behind the 5th wheel.  We found a very small area to make a U-turn (I honestly did not think it could be done) George turned those 75 feet around like it was a VW bug!  He really is very good at driving this thing.

We loaded up our lawn chairs and headed to the beach.  The sky was the most beautiful blue, it was a perfect temperature and the sand was white and soft.  We sat for a couple of hours enjoying the beautiful view, listening to the waves and watching the various birds near the waters' edge.  George had a good time marking the movement of the tide and picking up "beach treasures". 

It was so relaxing.  This was definitely a “perfect moment”.

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