Friday, March 21, 2014

Alabama Travel Day

We are now in Robertsdale, Alabama. This was the first time I have needed to drive the jeep behind George in the 5th wheel.  We only traveled 2 hours—so it was not a long trip.  There are definitely advantages and disadvantages.  When I get to ride with George in the truck, we tow the jeep behind the 5th wheel.  That makes us 75 ft. long.

I have some road anxiety when I'm in the truck… "You are too close to that car in front of us.  Slow down, I know you are below speed limit, but it is too fast.  You do not have space to pass those 3 semi-trucks.  If you do not slow down, I’m getting out of this truck while it is moving."...  You get the picture.   The down side of my being in the jeep is I have to pay attention to the road and not the sights around me.  And if I see something entertaining, George cannot hear me clear up there in the truck.   We use walkie talkies and our cell phones to talk, but we only do that to confirm travel directions.

Alabama is such a pretty state.  There are green trees, lots of green grass and pretty lakes along the away.  We are really excited to see what treasures there are in this state for us to discover.  We are staying near the gulf coast; we will only be in Alabama for a week.  There is so much history in each of these southern states, we could spend a month and still feel like we did not see everything.

We pull into Styx River Resort in Robertsdale.  It is a nice RV resort.  We were driven around in a golf cart to see all the sites that are available.  The sites are reasonable size—we are able to park both the truck and jeep in our site.  There is a little concrete patio and picnic table at each site.  There are nice trees throughout the campground.  Although it is close to the highway, it is quiet.

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