Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Vast Expanse that is Arizona

Can you believe this view!  We feel so blessed to have this RV Life.

We are spending a quiet day around the campground. George went for a bike ride and I am planning to work heavily on our blog.  I vow to myself to never let it get this far behind again.  However, as always, I am always willing to let fun trump the "to do" list every time.

I have not been having a love affair with Arizona.  It feels dusty and windy.  
The scenery around Quartzsite is, if I am being totally honest, UGLY.  
However, the sunsets are amazing!!!

Our closest neighbors... I guess our wild parties won't bother them.

It is not uncommon to have flags on RVs in campgrounds.  Some people have American, some have their state flags or their sports team (BRONCOS).  Some people have flags that they think will help us "know" who they are.  Generally, we just wonder why they might have a flag of a frog or a turtle or a crazy cartoon character.

Across the road from our campsite there was a Montana 5th wheel gathering.  There were 30+ Montana 5th wheels parked together.  We think maybe as many as 75% of them had some type of flag on their 5th wheel.  It was just a hoot to see.

We are still enjoying our boondocking site near Quartzsite.  We can see other campers, but they are far enough away we can't hear them and our constant running generator is not bothering anyone else.  Having the generator makes this barely feel like we are roughing it.  I do not expect to be able to go without the generator.  I am sure there are those that would be willing shut off all electricity—any furthermore be happy with the “technology break”.  That is NOT me.  I am glad for the laptop and the Internet connection to the world.  And our Denver Broncos play in their first playoff game of the year today… I would not want to miss that!

An additional reality for us and the necessity for having power… I sleep with an A-Pap machine all night.  It has made such a positive difference in my life, I would not want to be without it.  Our refrigerator and TV/DVR run perfectly on the power we can generate from our little generator.

So I sit at my dining table clicking away, while I hear the dishes being washed in dishwasher and I find myself chuckling at the sacrifice everyone thinks we are making to live this wonderful life.

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