Wednesday, January 14, 2015

London Bridge fell Right Down… and Landed Here

We pulled into Lake Havasu City on Tuesday. It is a pretty little town.  We got settled into the campground, went for a short swim and sat in the hot tub.

Today we visited the London Bridge.  We were surprised to find out this is the 2nd most visited sight in Arizona.  It is second only to the Grand Canyon. 

This bridge was made famous with the nursery-rhyme.  (You know… "London Bridges falling down, falling down…") It was built in London in 1831.  The bridge was plagued with constant repairs.  So, in 1968 Robert McCulloch, the founder of Lake Havasu City, purchased the bridge from London for approximately $2.4M.   I'm still not sure what would possess someone to buy a bridge!  Seriously, you could buy a new pair of shoes or even a new car.  Just kidding, of course... it brings in a gazillion $ a year from tourists.

The bridge was meticulously disassembled in London and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City in 1971.  The final cost to purchase, disassemble, transport and reconstruct the bridge was $5.1M.

The town has done a good job building around this bridge.

There is an English Village, which is really just tourist shops; at the base of the bridge.  We spent some time walking along the lake and the bridge.

The weather is just beautiful.  We are enjoying the high 60's.

I am fighting a head cold, so we walk around the London Bridge area and take a leisurely drive home exploring the area.

But I was happy to have a shorter day.
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