Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lake Havasu City… You’re Never Too Old for Balloons

Lake Havasu was hosting a Balloon festival while we were here. We were able to go see the balloons launch several times.

They launched each morning about 8am.

The colors of the balloons are brilliant against the rising sun and a backdrop of the Arizona Mountains.

I love the balloons that have the different shapes.

We were able to find great parking each day.  The balloons took off from all over town.  We found a parking lot that was just a few feet from balloons that were setting up and taking off.

The second morning there were 4 balloons in the same parking area—it was fun to see the inflation process up close.

Each balloon would launch from their designated spot around town. 

The balloons take flight and then each of them find their way to the canal near London Bridge.

They lower to the water--barely touching the surface of the lake.

One balloon lowered to the water, but then seemed to have some issues getting itself away from the shore and back up into the air.

There were ultra-light flyer's flying among the balloons.  We watch anxiously, front down here it looks like they are inches away from the balloons.

There were 2 bi-planes that performed aerial tricks before the balloons launched each morning.

We enjoyed breakfast at a local favorite restaurant, before heading home for the day.

I am not feeling 100%, so we will hang around the RV this afternoon.  We also enjoyed the pool and hot tub this afternoon.

I have been trying to make double meals for several weeks.  I am so grateful to have a meal already prepared for dinner. 

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