Monday, May 4, 2015

Two long travel days

We came back to Colorado for a month or so.  We are back to enjoy our granddaughter, Amber’s, graduation the end of May. 

We had 2 long travel days to get back home.  We pulled out of our campground in Utah about 4am Sunday morning.  We do not usually start our days this early, but we generally only travel a couple of hours.  Today we are not sure how far we will go, so we want to get an early start.  We are about 12 hours from Monument, Colorado—our final destination.  We stopped multiple times to stretch our legs and do a quick “walk around”.

We were ready to stop for the day after about 6 hours, but we were not able to find a place that could handle our Big Rig.  (It does not make me wish for a smaller RV, but this is one of the consequences.)  I had spent hours looking for campgrounds between Utah and Colorado and had not been successful finding anything after Grand Junction.  When we reached Grand Junction it was too early to stop.  We kept going and I felt confident I could find someplace to stay for the night. 

I researched campgrounds, multiple free camping options—including Wal-Marts.  When I called the Evergreen, Colorado Wal-Mart the woman that answered the phone said they would absolutely welcome us staying in their parking lot.  We found a great spot, and it was only 10 feet from a McDonalds—SCORE!  George was so happy.  Free parking and a McDonalds, life is great. 

We started our 2nd travel day after breakfast at McDonalds.  We only have 2 hours to our Monument campground, but we wanted to stop to weigh the rig before going in. 

We had weighed in Arizona and discovered that we were 1,000 pounds over the acceptable weight.  We have spent 2 months reducing the weight in our 5th wheel and in our vehicles.  Being overweight can cause tire blow outs, issues with braking and it compromises the integrity of the 5th wheel.  We were happy to see that we had dropped most of the 1,000 pounds.

We pulled into Colorado Heights RV Resort about 11am.  Because it is off-season, we are able to get a really nice sight.  We are able to fit the 5th wheel, truck and jeep all in our sight and still have room for visitors.  

Because traveling seems to create a layer of dust, we spent about an hour cleaning and setting up.  We love how quickly we are able to completely clean our little home.

My best friend, Sue, had taken off the afternoon to see us as soon as possible.  I was so excited to see her.  We sat and visited as if we had just seen each other yesterday.  Then to make this day even better… about 3pm Catrina and Amber came up to visit and hang out.  What a treat to see them both.  After enjoying dinner with Sue, we were ready for an early night.

It is great to be home with the people we love.  
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