Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring in Colorado--Gotta Love it!

Three weeks ago we were in California hanging out at the pool and wishing that it was just a little bit cooler.   I love how life changes.  I love different seasons and was frankly a little disappointed to have missed the season change of Colorado spring.   Be careful of what you wish for…
Yesterday I went shopping with my friend, Sue.  After shopping, laughing and just enjoying our day together; I headed back to the RV.  By the time I reached our campground in Monument it was snowing!  It was beautiful.   I love the spring snow.  White covers the ground and the trees, it glistens like glitter covering everything.  The great part of snow this time of year is it doesn’t stay on the roads for long.  The bad part is that it is generally heavy, wet snow that weighs down trees and plants; it can cause some high water levels.  For me, today, I am just overwhelmed by the beauty.

When we went to bed it was still snowing, so we were sure we would wake up to snow on the ground.  We had about 12” of snow of our vehicles.  The roads were wet, but there was no ice so it didn’t change our Mother’s Day plans. 

We went into Colorado Springs to join our family for Mother’s Day.  We start by going to church together.  After church we went to the Paul and Catrina’s house and enjoyed Mother’s Day lunch with the entire family. Christian’s in-laws and Sue joined us for the day.  It was a great day.   We stayed in and ate, talked and played games.

Monument is about 30 minutes away and because of potential ice on the road, we didn’t want to drive home on ice.  We left about 7:30 and headed home.

It is a great end to the day…  And there is still snow on the ground.   Spring in Colorado—Gotta love it.

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