Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hanging Out with Marty and His Family in Moses Lake, WA

We pulled into Moses Lake, WA about 2pm. We plan to stay at Marty, Lisa's brothers’ house.

Originally we had planned to get here on 7/9, but in an effort to stay in front of several tornado storms we made it across northern US much faster than we expected.  Even after a couple of rest days along the way, we both feel really tired and are anxious to just sit and visit for a week or so.  We are going to be here until 7/15 when we have reservations in Lake Easton, WA.

Marty had put in a 50 amp outlet and he has a really wide and long driveway, so there is plenty of room for us to park.  In fact he has 2 other campers and a boat on the side of the driveway.

It has been more than 5 years since we have seen Marty and his family so we are all excited to spend some extended time together. 

We have never had the luxury of a long visit with him, because in the past we had limited vacation time.  Again, we feel so blessed to have a lifestyle that is allowing us to spend time with family.

They have 5 chickens that they are raising for eggs.  They are Barred Rock Bantam chickens.  They will lay brown eggs and the best part… they do not need a roaster—which is great for those us of parked near the chicken coop.

They are really pretty birds and greet us whenever we come out of the 5th wheel.
They also have a white rabbit named Strawberry.  She is perfectly white.  She is in her cage and honestly not as interactive as the chickens.

They have a dog named Koda.  The dog is 75% timber wolf and 25% I have no idea—after they said wolf I did not hear another word.

They have 3 cats that are both inside and outside.  Because George is horribly allergic to cats we realize we only be able to be in the house a limited amount.  As our visit went on George’s allergies were bad enough that we kept him out of the house as much as possible.  Every time he was in the house for any length of time he had an allergy attack.   Marty, Ree and the kids have been very gracious to hang out with us in our RV—so George does not get sick.

Marty has such a good memory that he remembers things I do not—so it has been fun to sit around and talk about growing up.  He and I have always had a different relationship than the other siblings because he is almost exactly 10 years younger than I am.  When mom and dad brought him home from the hospital, they put his little bassinet in my room.  I would carry him around—he was my "real life" baby doll.  I do not carry him around anymore.  It is really exciting to see the man that he has become. 

They have worked hard, made hard decisions and sacrifices and now they have purchased a house and land out in the country—perfect for them.

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