Wednesday, July 2, 2014

From South Dakota to Montana

Today was a travel day. We drove about 6 hours from the Black Hills of South Dakota to Montana.  It was a beautiful drive.  We really enjoyed the short time that we were able to spend in South Dakota, but we need to move forward toward Washington.

The drive was an easy, uneventful trip.  Again, we love our new additional fuel tank which allows us to go almost a full day without stopping for fuel.

Because this is July 4th weekend, we were concerned about finding a place to stay on our way.  Holiday weeks have been our only real challenge to find Coast to Coast or Resorts of Distinction campgrounds.  We had an idea how far we want to travel each leg of this trip—and so I worked to find campgrounds to would fit our travel.  We were less interested in the campground than we were in the location.  We just wanted sites that would be easy to get to from the interstate.

After we left Indiana we stayed one (awful) night in a truck stop parking lot, we spent another at a campground near Rapid City, South Dakota.  Tonight we stayed just past Billings, Montana at a very small campground "Old West" in Reed Point, MT.  When I called to get a spot the owner did not think she had a spot available, but she worked her magic and assured us that she would make sure we had a place when we pulled in.  She saved her final (and largest) site for us—so we did not have to unhook the truck or the jeep AND she gave it to us for the Passport America rate.  What a blessing.

We made smoothies for dinner and settled in to catch up on some of the TV shows we had recorded.

About 8:30 we heard a knock at our door.  We opened the door and greeted a "new friend". She pointed to a picture of our rig she had seen on one of the RV forums.  She and her husband were reading one of the blog entries I had made and they were discussing they had seen us this week on the road.  Then they realized we were sitting about 4 sites down from them.  She came in and we had a nice visit--as if we had been friends for a long time.  What a great life.  We continue to meet people along our journey with similar goals and dreams.

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