Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where Your Golf Cart is Your Cadillac

Our campground, Three Flags RV Resort is about 3 miles from a famous, planned luxury retirement community—The Villages.

The Villages is restricted to those over 55 years old, in fact visitors under 19 years old cannot visit for more than 30 days without pre-approval.  This community was unlike any we had seen before.  It spans three counties, three zip codes and over 20,000 acres.  The entire community is connected by over 100 miles of golf cart legal streets and trails.  This community has over 35 golf courses, 50+ outside swimming pools and every kind of sporting field, court or course imaginable.

Golf carts are everywhere!  They toddle up and down these streets and trails like cartoon characters.  There are regular golf carts and designer carts that look like antique cars or trucks.

We saw golf carts that looked like Mustangs, Jeeps and VW bugs.

There are distinct neighborhoods that each have their own personalities—Spanish style, old Western town and old Market style.

Each neighborhood has a Town Square that has FREE nightly entertainment.   Several evenings we have enjoyed outside music concerts and dancing in the Town Square.  It has been fun for us to see seniors loving life at this level.  We expected the dance floor to be full on the slow dances—which it was… but it was just as full on those faster "rock-n-roll" and country songs.

They appeared to all be at the point of “who cares what people think”.  Some of the dancers swing their hips as if they are in their 20's and some appear to have lost the beat in their 30’s… but a consistent theme… they are all having a great time enjoying life!
Everything these residents want to do is just a golf cart ride away.

We love our travels right now, but we are certainly able to see the appeal of this retirement community.

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