Friday, April 18, 2014

Perry, Georgia

We have waited for several days for the rain to stop. We decided there might be a constant drip from the sky the entire time we are here—so we need to get out despite the weather.  As a side note: when we walk from our 5th wheel to the jeep, it sounds like we are walking on a giant wet sponge.  We decided to go into Perry, Georgia. 

We both really enjoy looking at old houses, buildings and churches.  Perry offers an audio tour along with a guide brochure to lead you through the historic buildings throughout town.  We pulled up to the first large building with grand pillars and dial the appropriate number on my cell phone only to have an operator tell us there is no such site #.  So I dramatically read all of the information about the Perry First Hotel and we move onto the next building, which is a home for one of the founding families of Perry.

We try the new number again, only to get the same message "there is no site #2" blah, blah, blah.  Because I apparently love to torture both George and myself, I go through this same futile exercise 6 or 7 times.  

Finally we get the message… we will drive through Perry looking at the houses and buildings and churches built as early as 1825.  I read the limited information provided by the brochure—but we really enjoyed the driving tour.

The drizzling rain never did stop today, but we did not let that stop us.  We enjoyed our day and saw as much as we could.  We had planned to walk around town, but I just am not very interested in walking around in the rain.

Perry has a Krystal's, so we decided to get those hamburgers for lunch.  I had heard they are similar to White Castle’s.  After having them, I would say they are similar; but not a solution for a White Castle craving.

We had a short sight-seeing day and headed home to work on our summer travels.
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