Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Settled and Happy in Colorado Springs

I could not have imagined we would be happy being stationary for any length of time.  Because of medical issues, we need to stay in Colorado Springs for up to 6 months.  It is nice to be with family and friends.  I am looking forward to being in Colorado for some important birthday celebrations and for the holidays.

We are able to feel at home because our house did not change--just our address.
We found a lovely Mobile Home/RV Park, Holiday Village.   It is a 55+ community.  They seem to be very strict about keeping the park clean and quiet.  It is a lovely place to be.

Since we generally travel to warm areas, we do not spend much on propane for heating.  We primarily use Coast to Coast for our campgrounds—so we rarely spend more than $150/month on camping expenses.  Holiday Village reduces the site rent by $200 if we pay 6 months up front.  We took advantage of this savings.
The park is primarily Mobile Homes; but they have multiple RV sites sprinkled throughout.  Although it is close to the Interstate; it is relatively quiet.  We are on a cultisac, so there is very limited traffic.

Our site is very nice.  We have a small patio and large parking area for our truck and jeep. Although it certainly has a campground/Mobile Home park, it feel spacious to us.  We have plenty of room to spread out, but close enough to visit with neighbors. 

Our neighbors are fabulous!  Jim is a widower who is always ready to lend a helping hand.  We enjoy any opportunity to share a meal or just hang out and compare life stories.  He has a toy hauler.  I think he is so brave.  He had never had an RV before.  Now he owns a large RV and moved from his home in Oregon to Colorado to be near his children.  Jim has a Bernese Mountain Dog, Saddie.  We have quickly fallen in love with that dog.  She greets us at the jeep whenever we get home.  

Patrick lives on the other side of us.  He has a smaller Travel Trailer—that perfectly fits him.  He is also very friendly and has a warm greeting for us whenever we are outside.

We have taken advantage of several of the social events in the park.  They have regular Pot Luck dinners, game days, Bible Studies and more.  Every person we meet is very nice and excited to hear about our full-time adventures.

Since going on the road I have had a hard time imaging ever settling down to one location.  Our stay at Holiday Village has given me a little picture of what life might look like if we came off the road.  

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