Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Multiple Personalities of New Orleans

We are camping in Pass-Christian, Mississippi.  It is about an hour from New Orleans.  Several years ago we were in New Orleans.  We had mixed memories about the city. We enjoyed seeing the history and the typical New Orleans style houses and stores; but we hated the over bearing culture of Voodoo and evil that permeates throughout this city. 
But we decided to give New Orleans another chance and see what adventures we could find there.  We found great parking just outside Jackson Square.  We found an outside café and enjoyed an authentic New Orleans Beignet.  We enjoyed them, but I would say it is a cross between a good little donut and Indian Fry Bread with powdered sugar on top.

After having our sweet treat we walked around Jackson Square.  The history behind Jackson Square make this a “must see”.  Jackson Square is a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans.   The Square was designed after a famous 17thcentury park in Paris, France.   In the center of the square is an equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson that dates back to 1856.

On the north side of the square there are three 18thcentury historic buildings. 

The St. Louis Cathedral is in the center.  We were able to go in and see the gorgeous stained glass windows.  The intricate carvings and stone work were beautiful.  This cathedral was designed as a minor Basilica by Pope Paul VI. 

It was a treat to be able to go inside and see this beautiful cathedral.   To the left of the cathedral is the Cabildo, the old city hall.  It is now a museum.  The final version of the Louisiana Purchase was signed in this building; that is amazing for me to imagine.  

To the right is the Presbytere, which was built to match the Cabildo.   This building is also a museum.  Both museums were closed when we were visiting so we were not able to go inside.

There were several musicians playing in Jackson Square.

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the square.  We went into several shops, but did not see anything that tempted us to purchase.  We always marvel at how little self-control it takes to not buy “stuff” that will fill our little home.

We drove through a couple of neighborhoods to see the houses and residential architecture.  We had been told to drive through the Garden District.  According to the map, we were in the Garden District. We were busy trying to watch traffic and roads; so we were not really sure what we were supposed to be seeing.

We were in Louisiana during the Mardi Gras season.  Houses throughout New Orleans were decorated with Gold, Purple and Green.  Trees were full of hanging Mardi Gras beads.

We found a park with a bayou that we sat and enjoyed our picnic.  It was windy and bugs were thick; so we enjoyed our picnic from the front seat of the Jeep; but we enjoyed being together and loved this wilderness from the comfort of our vehicle.

We left having enjoyed our day together.  We like seeing sights and different cultures across America. We were glad we had gone into New Orleans, but we were also glad to leave the craziness, “rat race” of this city.  

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