Saturday, August 8, 2015

We Couldn’t see the Forest Through the Redwood 5th Wheels


We have seen the Great Lakes, multiple Mountain Ranges, both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and now we have seen a “forest” of Redwoods—and we loved it. J
We purchased our Redwood 38RL in December 2013.  We still love our new home.  We love any chance to show off our home and talk about our full time lifestyle—which is made more enjoyable in our Redwood.

Fall 2010 Redwood opened its doors and started production of luxury of 5th wheels designed specifically for full time living.  Like 80% of all the RVs on the road today, Redwoods are manufactured in Elkhart county Indiana—specifically Topeka, Indiana.  To date over 4,600 Redwoods have been sold.   We love our Redwood.  For more specific information see

There is a Redwood rally annually in Shipshewana, Indiana.  The rally is hosted by the Redwood Owners Group (ROG) and the Redwood Corp.—the company so believes in the product that it wants to get as many of the existing customers together as possible.  We planned our travels this year with the rally in mind.
We came in on Monday expecting to have extra time to rest before the rally started.  We were excited to see there were already other Redwoods in the campground.  

ROG had made arrangements for SmartWeigh (Escapees) available to weigh rigs as they come into the campground.  For $55 SmartWeigh does a complete weight and analysis of the tow vehicle and 5th wheel.  Each wheel is weighed separately.  The pin weight is calculated and then Jim talked to us about redistributing weight through the 5th wheel.    We were happy to find out, based on their scales we are about 500 pounds under the allowable weight.  

We have never been anywhere with more than 2 other Redwoods.  It was so fun to see Redwoods wherever we look.  There were 63 Redwoods at the rally.  So FUN!!!

Throughout the weekend there were seminars on a variety of RV related topics.  There were times of food and fellowship with other Redwood owners.  Additionally, we took every opportunity to visit and connect individually with others.  We made some great friends that we believe will be forever friends.

The Redwood Owners Group (ROG) continues to evolve.  The goal is to bring Redwood together with owners.  They work to represent the owners to the Redwood company.  They are also trying to create opportunities for owners to meet and socialize together.  It was so great being together with other “Redwooders”—we can’t wait until the next time.

See you on the road!
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